Monday, 9 August 2010

Multi tasking

I'm writing this blog post whilst searching for my next job, probably not the best way to do it buy hey I'm a woman, multi tasking is what we do! So far have not been to successful on the job front but you know what? I need to stay positive or else there is a chance you may find me in a corner rocking back and forth, clutching a bottle of vodka to my chest (that's just me being funny, or trying. I don't even drink, which is ironic seeing as how I work in a bar!)

I know that there is a job out there with my name on it I'm just having to search really hard for it is all. But when I do get it eventually it will be worth the effort and knock backs I've received in the past.

On a much much lighter note I've enquired about doing a creative writing course and am just waiting, nose pressed up against the window, for the postman to deliver my Prospectus. If all goes well look out for me in all good newspapers and magazines (maybe taking that positive thinking lark just a tad too far, oh well!) I've always been interested in writing stories, ever since my Dad first read a Puddle Lane book to me (does anyone still remember those? It seems I'm the only one that does) Am still focusing on the writing I've already done, I just need to find out how to get it into the right hands to see if its any good or if its just a load of excrement! OK my rambling is over now I'm off to continue the job hunt, wish me luck!



  1. I know I've already wished you luck with your job hunt on Twitter but just wanted to send more good luck vibes your way!!!

    And the creative writing course sounds great! I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. Good luck on the job front, I expect to read of good news soon. I've never attempted any novel personally (can't write dialogue!) best of luck with both course and writing.
    When I started out I was also very much alone and had no idea what I was doing, did the Writers' Bureau thing (which was somewhat helpful), however the biggest boost came from other writers and I joined the local writers group in Tamworth, only to find I was the only one who had ever had anything published and so learned nothing!
    One author who did help, and I've found several writing jobs via his newsletter and blog, was Nick Daws who is a leading light at the Lichfield Writers Group and a man I've never known short of advice.
    His website is and can also be followed on Twitter (where he posts several useful and less useful links each day!). If I can offer any words of advice for your writing drop me a line and I'll attempt to offer some words of wisdom (assuming I have my thinking head on).