Thursday, 5 August 2010

Debut post!

Hi everyone *waving manically*

This is new for me, considering how computer illiterate I am I have decided to join the masses and start my own blog. I'm confused already but I'm slowly learning little things so if you have any advice or tips I would be very grateful!

This blog is an outlet for me to chat about my first love: reading! I love books and my main genre of choice is chick lit (let's hope DJ Connell is not reading this!) I am the butt of jokes in my family where reading is concerned. The volume of books I read and how quick I read them usually raises the question with my family: are you eating them?

Answer: No I don't eat them, but if a book grabs me everyone and everything else ceases to exist. I'm not being ignorant but all book lovers out there will understand where I'm coming from with this!

Anywho hope you like my blog, I know I'm going to enjoy adding to it on a daily/weekly basis.



  1. Love the new blog! So pretty :) looking forward chatting about chicklit!

  2. Your blog is so pretty! Welcome to the world of blogging and I'll be keeping my eye out for lots more recommendations for chick-lit authors that I need to try :)